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January 05, 2012

when mummy talks ... about cd part 1

salam wbt :)

tajuk post macam hebat a.k.a bagus je kaannn!!!


sorry to say yer, i am not an expert..
i am also may be not a good or suitable to be refer about cd-ing..
as i also very very new involving myself in this lovely journey..
through reading, chit chatting, observing, questioning&answering, past few months, able to have cd collection.. 


when it comes to this lil cute n sweet girl:

i felt i am the expertise heeee

means, use handle and care the cd in my most comfort way

see putting on cd doesnt look bulky at all
*tgk tv sambil meniarap gitu*

ok will share more n more my few experince on cd-ing insyaAllah as 

sharing is caring


go green earth!!!!

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