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November 25, 2009

A Kaleidoscope of Color

 from a useful web..i found something interesting about colour.. 

There's no question: choosing wedding colors can be one of the trickiest tasks a bride has to cross off the list early on in the planning... read more 
petik lagi.. "I always tell the brides who write to me to simply go with colors you love..." ermmm..nice sentence..but when too much colour that keep appears in minds, much time needed to make some perfect filter..ahaks!


...... blurr actually.. agaknya kena tido..tido..dan tido lagi.. 

tp kita try tgk yg ni dulu..
 1) about silver
{Silver Palettes}: Silver is upscale and elegant - its a color that speaks to all things antique. It makes a beautiful compliment to Winter weddings & it's metallic quality really makes it special.
2) about plum (purple)
{Plum Palettes}: Purple has strong, historical associations with royalty, especially in sacred contexts. But thanks to the fashion world, purple's taken on a whole new life, and becomes challenging and mysterious, glamorous, and ever-so-slightly chic. Especially when paired with other complex hues like charcoal or even gray. Perfect for Winter & Fall weddings.
then the combination looks like this:

cantik ka?
seswai ke ngan kulit pengantin perempuan yg x berapa cerah n pengantin lelaki yg gelap manis tu? hmmm..

kita try lain ek??
3) about blue aqua
Aqua Palettes}: Fun-loving, fresh and vibrant. A favorite of beach brides, especially tropical ones. But aqua shows up in plenty of other places, too. It's a favorite paired with chocolate brown for brides who want a fun and modern palette, and aqua and hot pink are also make a pretty palette. Here lately we're even seeing aqua paired with red which makes for a lovely duo.

hmmm.. sungguh tidak sabar mau settle kan sumenya.. masa terdekat ini, insyaallah akan menjejak kaki ke kedai pengantin di luar sana.. mau laksanakan a short survey lah.. wahai ibunda..sudikah menemani anakanda mu ini? 

p/s: terlalu ingin kan seorg wedding planner.. sapa yg sudi dengan upah yg boleh dibincang..


anayna said...

ala cik kak..kalu nk btul2 puas ati pe slhnye melabur lebey skek...hehe.duit bole dicari lg kan..kann!lain la kalo mmg nk simple2 n ala kadar n cukup syarat jer.hurm..

zuriani said...

hehehe cik ana nak sponsor duit ker? boleeee.. xcukup poli dungun, polisas kita tadahkan..