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October 29, 2009

sakit ke?

Salam semuanya...hahah homesickness almost change all the habit and regularly done hobbies such as updating the blog and anything relating with this cyber world.. :)
  • almost everyday, i never forget to call home just to talk to my hero, and most frequently ask question is: adik igt kak no tak??? hehehe sadis sungguh sakit ini..... usually only 2 to 3 times a week..
  • almost everyday, i will come early to office..around 7.00 am to 7.15 am..and, only today, the mood to switch on the notebook has come..selama beberapa hari ni, duk peram aje notebook nih..
  • dan jugak, hobi meng-iron baju keje.. sampai stok minggu depan dah siap di iron...selalunya hari ahad je iron baju, ni tiap2 hari iron..
  • lately, aku juga makin garang ngan students...kesian mereka...
hehe tp xtau la, if this really becoz of the homesickness or not..this weekend, KSS's class will start on like usual..

i am not eager waiting for dec!!! 1st: wanna follow my family going for a twin trip: working (for my dad i.e meeting) and vacation (for the rest of family members) hehe tp, xtau la dapat keizinan dr-Nya atau tidak, memandangkan musim exam masa tu..n of course, the biziness will always follow me..
2nd: i wanna start to think properly, seriously,confidently and so on 'ly' 'ly' lah about my wedding! :D berangan xsudah2..

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