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February 26, 2013

cebisan perjalanan...

i am in the middle of life-journey...

one of the meaningful journey is obtained tru this one....

and.. Allah gave me him..

as the imam, the leader, the bff, the true friend, the daddy of my kids, the husband, the caregiver, the helper and bla bla..

and then, Allah gave me another chance to going tru another journey. to have lil angle in the womb....

blessed with two adoreable lil princess. (currently) 
they are my real journey..

tru them..

i learn about so much new things of motherhood..

mummies with newborn should be proud with this ability.
source of pahala.
source of nutrition for loved ones.
source of love-bonding.

but require soooo much effort, doa, support.

pls, pray for me to going tru this journey well.


another journey..

the word cloth-diaper comes with many memories. 
i really miss the moments of cd-ing.

going to continue with the new arrival anugerah.

one of my tiny-effort to support green earth..


something new journey.

that catches my heart deeply.

close up for the word *babywearing*

still under-go training process.


tq Allah..
for all the rezeki..all the chances..

being a mom..


till meet again.
take care


nur easy said...

subhanallah..alhamdulillah..allah akbar :)

Allene said...

sweet... =)

zuriani said...

Allene : tq tq ♥

Eize: alhmdulillah..

zuriani said...
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